Sex Position

Positions for her pleasure

Not all positions are created equal

At Coral, we know that certain positions are more useful than others for maximizing pleasure. Keeping an open mind about the multitude of positions available to be used during intercourse can be a smart strategy for a lifetime of satisfying sex.

Positions for Increasing the Odds of Orgasm for Women

Who doesn't want to increase the chance that the woman will experience orgasm? Especially with an act like heterosexual intercourse, where the physiological properties favor male orgasm. Only one-third of women reach orgasm through penetration alone, but there are ways to increase that statistic. As discussed in the Good in Bed Guide to Female Orgasms:

  • Add some direct clitoral stimulation to intercourse. A woman or her partner can use one or two fingers to rub the clitoral glans during intercourse. Or, using a small vibrator can be incredibly useful (especially bullet vibrators. There are even some that are attached to a c--- ring and can provide stimulation for both partners, hands free).
  • Woman-on-top position is useful for female orgasm. It lends itself well to manual clitoral stimulation and is especially effective if a woman leans towards her partner's face while on top so the partner's pelvic bone is stimulating the clitoris.

Positions for Stimulating the G-spot

There is continuous scientific debate about whether the g-spot exists, and if so, whether it exists in all women. Recent research suggests that the G-spot may actually be indirect stimulation of the deep roots of the clitoris (called the crura). Regardless of that debate, there are positions that look for this notorious hot spot.

  • Positions that shallowly stimulate the top wall of the vagina (the side closest to the belly button) are useful. Engaging in some manual stimulation with fingers or toys prior to intercourse is also a good way to explore.
  • Woman-on-top position allows for the woman to lean forward or backward, depending on the shape of the partner's penis, to stimulate this area.
  • Reverse cowgirl position is also useful, particularly if the penis points slightly downward. This is also useful for giving control over to the woman so she can move herself around in order to find the most pleasurable angle.
  • Propping a pillow under the lower back of the woman during missionary position is usually the best way to reach the G-spot, as it angles the woman's vagina on a downward slant, making this area more accessible with penetration.
  • Face down rear entry is another effective position, in which a woman lays flat face-down on the bed, while he enters her from behind, again experimenting with depth and angle of penetration.

Positions for Deep Penetration that Satisfies Both Partners

You may find that from one partner to the next your favorite position changes. This is really common and is due to the fact that bodies fit together in different ways. A position that was enjoyable with one partner may be less enjoyable with another, for a number of reasons (shape and size of genitals, aging, menstrual cycle, level of arousal, etc.). Deep penetration may be uncomfortable for some women, yet many men enjoy positions that "go deep," since these may allow for the most thrusting, are likely to stimulate the entire length of the penis, and as a result, may offer intense or varied stimulation.

  • Shift the focus to arousal and enjoyment. When a woman is maximally aroused before intercourse, she benefits from a vaginal tenting process, in which muscular contractions pull the cervix farther back into the body, lengthening the vaginal canal.
  • The penis hitting the cervix is usually what causes pain during deep penetration (though some women like cervical stimulation). Ensuring the woman is highly aroused before attempting deep penetration will prevent this.
  • Missionary position is good because the woman can control the depth by keeping her legs flat and closer together, then widening her legs or raising her knees as arousal increases and she feels more comfortable accepting deeper penetration.
  • Woman-on-top may be particularly useful for women who experience a lot of pain from deep penetration because it allows for the woman to control the depth, angle and rhythm of penetration.

It is always best to approach a partner gently with any type of sexual request. Make sure you express how much you care about him or her and that you are happy with your sex life, but are simply curious about trying out some new positions. Sex should be fun and pleasurable for all of those involved in the sexual event. Be sure to communicate openly with your partner about how each position feels for you. Variations on every position can be made to come to a pleasurable compromise and maximize satisfaction for both of you. For more ideas on fun positions, check out the Good in Bed Guide to 52 Weeks of Amazing Sex.